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QMaths is far more systematic, coherent and unified than the conventional system. It develops the mind of the student in such a way that he becomes more logistic, creative as well as mentally active. Students find much fun, sport, flexibility, self-confidence and above all, a sense of satisfaction in Mathematics. It is easily applicable in the day-to-day calculations and can be part of the Math curriculum of different classes. QMaths can help you to solve many of the basic calculations in a fraction of a second. It is simple, easy to learn, practice and apply.


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Vedic math is a proven method for mental math which can increase calculation speed

QMaths’ VEDI-QUICK courses covers the entire curriculum of the CBSE, ICSE and State Boards.

Program includes concept clearing questions that prompt the student to think

QMaths believe in speed along with accuracy. Our modules are designed with a specific level of speed and accuracy.

Q-Score examination by QMaths is loved by teachers, senior students as well as junior

Some people, especially those who hate math, always argues that most of the math chapters have nothing to do with

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