QMaths® is far more systematic, coherent and unified than the conventional system. It develops the mind of the student in such a way that he becomes more logistic, creative as well as mentally active. Students find much fun, sport, flexibility, self-confidence and above all, a sense of satisfaction in Mathematics.

QMaths® is a unique system of teaching mathematics with basic concept knowledge. Here, students love to enjoy math through interesting shortcuts. For QMaths® students, math calculation is a game.

” A book is a silent teacher and a teacher is a speaking book, a student needs both.”

Is QMaths® an additional burden other than the school curriculum?

No, because it helps in understanding the lesson up to a logical depth.

No, because it has the same chapters.

No, on the other hand, it will provide shortcuts to solve or check the answer.

No, practice in four basic operations makes even the sub-conscious mind calculate.

No, because there are customized booklets for remedial students too.

No, because the addition is only the real-life examples that helps the students otherwise.