We teach same math but with a different approach.

QMaths® is far more systematic, coherent and unified than the conventional system. It develops the mind of the student in such a way that he becomes more logistic, creative as well as mentally active. Students find much fun, sport, flexibility, self-confidence and above all, a sense of satisfaction in Mathematics.

QMaths® is a unique system of teaching mathematics with basic concept knowledge. Here, students love to enjoy math through interesting shortcuts. For QMaths® students, math calculation is a game.

” A book is a silent teacher and a teacher is a speaking book, a student needs both.”

Is QMaths® an additional burden other than the school curriculum?

No, because it has the same chapters.

No, because it helps in understanding the lesson up to a logical depth.

No, because the addition is the real-life examples that helps the students otherwise.

No, on the other hand, it will provide shortcuts to solve or check the answer.

No, practice in four basic operations makes even the sub-conscious mind calculate.

No, because there are customized booklets for remedial students too.

WHY QMaths® ?

Best and customized combination of VEDIC MATH, SINGHAPORE MATH, APPLIED MATH and INDIAN SCHOOL MATH, still as per school curriculum.

Math made easy.

Math is a matter of practice; we take care of it.

Building confidence among students by explaining the concepts therein.

Better and practical way to clear concepts of the lessons.

For better logical reasoning.

For intelligent guessing.

Same question in different formats.

Better speed along with accuracy.

Developing self-study habits.

Strengthening concentration.

Develops aptitude to learn mathematics.

Not just the answer, but also “why” and “why not”.

MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) specialization.

Will help in PISA and IMO/IOM.

QScore online tests with instant result.

Customized worksheets/drill sheets.

Elimination of math phobia.


Q.1     Will there be back-end support throughout the session?

Ans.   Absolutely “yes”.

Q.2     Will it add to the burden/weight of school bag?

Ans:   No, not at all, as the small booklet that is being done will be there, replacing a notebook.

Q.3     For QMaths® booklets, do a teacher require intensive/extensive refreshment course?

Ans:   Not intensive/extensive course, but a discussion for few hours will help in adopting QMaths® teaching strategies.

Q.4     Is QMaths® different from normal mathematics?

Ans:   No, not at all, QMaths® is just a way to make the normal mathematics more interesting by simplifying and shortcuts, wherever possible.

Q.5     Is QMaths®  somewhat like ABACUS?

Ans:   No, that is only a method to speed-up the calculation process while QMaths®  caters to nearly all parts of mathematics.

Q.6     Will the QMaths®  methodology acceptable in board examination?

Ans:   Sure, moreover CBSE has stated that they would be encouraging alternative methods than the conventional method by awarding better marks. Moreover, we are not entirely different from conventional methodS but try to make the student understand the question as well as the answer in a better way. Most of the times, the student can change one/two or more steps within the answer to make her/his solution better presentable.

How different are the QMaths® booklets from help books?

QMaths® booklets are designed topic wise and these have mostly same kind of questions on one page for sufficient practice. An effort is to clear the concept therein by putting “out of the box” questions. These are easy to handle, answer space is there below the question, extra space is there if required. Once finished with the small booklet, the student can keep it at home. The extra questions/worksheets can easily be replaced by these booklets, thereby helping the teacher, they need not to prepare such worksheets.

Give it a try!!!