QMaths Mission

To touch the life of each child in such a manner that Maths flow like Music of Reasoning, Accuracy and Facts to them.QMaths resolve to eliminate math phobia from the world. Let the students be explained every concept to a great depth and mathematics be taught only logically.

Our VISION is PACE with the following concepts:
  • P          Perfection through Practice
  • A         Accuracy with Speed
  • C         Concept Level Understanding
  • E          Elimination of Math Phobia

QMaths modules contain VEDIC MATH, SPEED MATH shortcuts. QMaths is something more than VEDIC MATH, SPEED MATH or QUICK MATH. It consists of practice modules for addition, subtraction, multiplication, multiplication and division. School math concept clearing workbooks are also an important part of QMaths. It has also many Math Games based on Math by Fun concept. Some common questions about math education:

  • What about count on fingers while adding a number?
  • Does it waste time?
  • Is table learning, table dozing and slow multiply speed is the problem area being faced by the student(s)?
  • The average reaction time of student when asked about a table even for a single digit is in second(s) not in a fraction of a second.
  • Are most of students interested in participating competition examinations after completing schooling?
  • Do you think time saving and time management is a good tool to become “The Best” from “Better”?
  • Do you believe that math is not only a subject but a source to make the mind more logical, intelligent, creative and active?


The results so far show that students practicing QMaths leave “FINGER COUNTING” within 10 practice sessions.

Table dozing is the best tool to learn the tables. A teacher or parent can practice this for 10, 20, 30, 50 times but in this method the figure starts from 50 to 800 times within 01 to 30 minutes with the help of QMaths. In most of cases, 10-15 QMaths sessions make it possible that the answer for multiplication table dodging of two one digit occur with “Near Zero reaction time”.

QMaths can fill the gap of “Better” to “Best” for a brilliant student