QMaths Journey

The journey of QMaths started long back,that is more than two decades, when Mr. Surinder Bharti Tiwari, our director and his team felt during their journey of teaching mathematics that “Math is the most wrongly taught subject” as students think it as a burden which increases with every passing day. Concepts become burden and accuracy becomes pain as it is treated by teachers as well as parents a HAVOC! Which is actually not. If in the beginning years,the children are given the opportunity to perform drill on operations and concepts being taught in simplified manner, then there is no way that a child find Mathematics as a burden. With this thought, we come up with the idea of creating QMaths where Q represents Quest followed by Quick.

QMaths is an organization which is of the belief that “Mathematics should be fun”. Here at QMaths we have designed Holistic way that incorporates the ancient and time-tested formulae of Mathematical knowledge of Vedic Math and conditioned it as per today’s Mathematics requirements to make the subject more relevant and interesting. We at QMaths, has simplified the Sutras of Vedic Mathematics which means that calculations can be carried out mentally and the student’s thought process becomes clear as it involves application of the concepts. Pupils of the subject starts inventing their own methods as per their horizon.


What is the need for QMATHS?

The other day I visited my friend’s house and happen to meet his teenager daughter who is excellent in all her academic subjects. She was pleased to tell me about her performance in all the subjects. The moment she was asked about the subject of Mathematics, she was reluctant to tell anything saying “Please, it is different, uncle.” She claimed that math is a dull and boring subject and nobody can perfectly make calculations and that again with a speed. She was shy to tell about the tales of slow suffering in the class throughout her schooling till then. She told how difficult the compulsion of remembering different formulae and the irritating algebra is. Time for solving the math question paper is always short for her, she complained.
Though she is the daughter of a friend of mine, math phobia is her biggest problem. Her parents find no solution as they went through the same system of education and they had been facing the same problem compromising that there is no solution and they are quite helpless. As she was promoted from lower to higher classes, the problem grew gradually and she starts feeling as if math is impossible for her. Soon she starts complaining of a lack of concentration in her studies in all subjects and especially in mathematics. The problem aggravated day by day. Understanding her situation, my friend got her enrolled into extra tuition classes for math but of little help. Her phobia of math was still there.
This is not the story of one school going child. Otherwise majority of the students are facing the same problem.

My question is:
Is your child so scary of Mathematics?

Math phobia is playing badly with his/her studies?

Does your child think of math as a dull and boring subject?

Can you just imagine that there can be “Magic Rod” that suddenly changes your child into a genius in mathematics?

The solution is QMaths.

QMaths is far more systematic, coherent and unified than the conventional system. It develops the mind of the student in such a way that he becomes more logistic, creative as well as mentally active. Students find much fun, sport, flexibility, self-confidence and above all, a sense of satisfaction in Mathematics. It is easily applicable in the day-to-day calculations and can be part of the Math curriculum of different classes. QMaths can help you to solve many of the basic calculations in a fraction of a second. It is simple, easy to learn, practice and apply.QMaths can help you to solve many of the basic calculations in a fraction of a second. It is simple, easy to learn, practice and apply. It makes it possible to find the square roots as easily and orally (mentally) as it is just a simple addition. In this method, it is also possible to multiply any number of two-digits with another two-digit number without carry. In QMaths, some specially designed lessons for junior school students have shown alarming results.